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Staff Professional Learning

Build staff readiness and implement with success

Implement with Fidelity and Confidence
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Support the success of CharacterStrong
programs by focusing on 3 key areas:

  • Clarity: Why are we doing this?
  • Competence: How do we do this well?
  • Consistency: How do we maintain success?
Our Models
Available Virtual & In Person

Successful implementation is all about adult readiness. After delivering over 3,000 PD sessions, we know that providing high-quality professional learning for adults is foundational for the success of any program.

PD session and the text Elementary Staff Professional Learning (Virtual or In Person Presenter)
PD session and the text Secondary Staff Professional Learning (Virtual or In Person Presenter)

Designed to help your staff build readiness to deliver (or continue to deliver) CharacterStrong curricula at the Elementary, Middle, or High School Level.

  • 2-hour PD (Virtual Presenter): The session will be delivered via live, virtual format to 1 or multiple districts. We recommend bringing your full staff into a space where the CharacterStrong Trainer can be projected on a big screen with quality sound so that folks can respond, in person, to the prompts, reflections, and activities together. If this is not possible, individual educators can log in if necessary from separate spaces.

  • 3-Hour PD (In Person Presenter): The session will be delivered by a presenter in person in your building for elementary or secondary staff. We recommend bringing your full staff into a space where they will have the ability to sit, take notes, and move around to engage in our activities.
  • An all-access pass for your full staff to the 2-hour virtual or 3-hour in person session and a year’s worth of practical follow-up resources for building leaders to support ongoing staff readiness throughout the year. This includes: An immediate 15-60 minute meeting template to get staff onboarded into the curriculum site and 4 (1 for each quarter of the year) follow up resources that can be customized for 5 to 60 minutes worth of staff meeting activities, video reminders, slide templates, email scripts, and more.

    Be Inspired and Prepared

    "After attending a Character Strong training, you will always walk away with tons of content, the realization of what's truly important in education (relationships), and a fun, interactive training!"

    Veronica F.
    Activities Director

    "I always stumble and fall into the old routine of teacher - student, where I am collecting assignments and I forget, spreading knowledge was just icing on the cake. I really wanted to connect with little lost souls. Today gave me permission to remember why I am here. It gave me permission to focus on that and know the 'knowledge' would naturally follow once I establish the relationships."

    Kate R.

    "I am a PD skeptic. I am just like many other educators where I find myself distracted with grading and planning during a PD. CharacterStrong held my attention the entire time and gave me tools I am going to use tomorrow, the next day, and many more after that. I would take this PD again in a heartbeat."

    Alex B.

    A Transformative Experience
    • Meet the social & emotional needs of students with low-burden, high-impact strategies
    • Focus on adult relational practices that have a tremendous influence on student engagement and school culture
    • Maximize academic engaged time with practical tools that establish healthy relationships with students
    CharacterStrong Co-Founder John Norlin enthusiastically leads a virtual Professional Learning session
    VirtualProfessional Learning
    • Virtual Presenter
    • 2-hour, live session
    • A year’s worth of practical resources to support staff readiness: videos, slides, activities, and more
    In PersonProfessional Learning
    • In Person Presenter
    • 3-hour, live session
    • A year’s worth of practical resources to support staff readiness: videos, slides, activities, and more