The Evidence and Research Supporting Our Signature Products

Defensible Evidence of Effectiveness

Randomized control trials of our curricula provide objective evidence that when implemented the curricula produce positive outcomes across student-reported, teacher-reported, and school administrative data. This section provides an overview of these studies, organized by program, and includes links to research reports that are submitted for publication in peer-reviewed scientific outlets.

is Effective

One randomized controlled trial has been completed on the effectiveness of PurposeFull People on student outcomes. This study found that the delivery of PurposeFull People was associated with several significant effects on student outcomes, when compared to classrooms that did not implement the curricula, including:

  • Improved student prosocial interactions with teachers and peers
  • Improved student behavior in classroom and non-classroom settings
  • Reduced school disciplinary action
  • Improved student academic engaged time
  • Increased understanding and display of character traits by students

Curricula is

Two randomized controlled trials have been completed on the effectiveness of the MS & HS  Curricula on student outcomes. Across studies, the research showed that the delivery of the MS & HS  Curricula was associated with several significant effects on student outcomes, when compared to classrooms that did not implement the curricula, including:

  • Improved student perceptions of school safety
  • Increased teacher perceptions of safe behavior exhibited by students
  • Improved student engagement during class
  • Reduced student absenteeism and truancy
  • Improved student self-management of learning processes in class
  • Increased student experiences of self-efficacy
  • Improved student display of life skills, social competencies, and character traits

Grounded In Research

All of CharacterStrong’s curriculum is grounded in scientific research. We start with a research-backed logic model that translates evidence into core content and instructional components that lead to specific outcomes. We work with educators and students when translating this research to ensure relevance that matches the realities of those who implement the curriculum and those who ultimately are intended to benefit from it.

Research informing the PurposeFull People PreK-5 Curriculum

Research informing CharacterStrong’s 6-8 and 9-12 Curricula

Research informing CharacterStrong Tier 2 Curriculum

Continuous Improvement Research

CharacterStrong is unique in that it has an ongoing continuous improvement research process. We fundamentally believe there are always opportunities to improve CharacterStrong’s curricula and resources to be more usable for educators, more engaging for students, and ultimately more effective. We do this by gathering information from educators, students, and families to learn about what is working and what areas can be improved. We then design improvements based on the findings.

Research Briefs

Our research team creates bite-sized research briefs that provide easy access to research-based information on topics relevant to CharacterStrong’s signature products. Below are research briefs organized by two categories. The first category is research briefs on important concepts or outcomes relevant to CharacterStrong products and services. For example, one of the main outcomes of PurposeFull People and our Secondary Middle Level and High School curricula is improved well-being. The second category includes research briefs on specific practices. For example, positive greetings at the door is an effective practice that is part of the SERVE Model of Adult Relationship Practices (4 at the Door Plus 1 More), with evidence supporting its use.

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Research Briefs: Concepts and Outcomes

Research Briefs: Practices