School Culture Training: 

Increasing Belonging, Well-Being and Engagement

An interactive, 1-day training focusing on a research-backed framework to equip staff with easy-to-use tools that support student success.

The Challenge

Over 80% of educators report the pandemic has increased student social, emotional, and behavioral challenges (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2022), and they have taken on much of the stress of their students’ increased needs (RAND, 2022). Educators need simple strategies to improve student engagement and increase well-being overall.

How We Can Help

We offer educators low-burden, high-impact strategies to increase well-being, belonging, and engagement in all areas of a classroom and school community. Our instructional framework promotes powerful relationship-building and helps students find value in their learning.

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  • Staff Community Building: Build community and collaborate to refine practices, structures, and routines. Learning from and with each other, discuss ways to improve support of students, their families, your community, and each other.
  • Research-Backed Classroom Engagement:Learn our signature S.E.R.V.E. Model to create consistent structures and practices that improve student engagement and increase time learning.
  • Usable Tools & Strategies:Come away with tools that you can use in classrooms the next day including slide decks, easy-to-implement practices, and reflections about pedagogy to boost well-being, belonging, and engagement.
  • Meaningful & Inspirational Content:We know that this work is incredibly important, but we also know it’s hard. Come away with perspectives and ideas that reconnect you to your purpose and reenergize you for the future.
  • Practical Problem Solving:Identify easy-to-implement solutions for challenges impacting your school community using low-burden, high-impact practices.


Using CharacterStrong’s research-based S.E.R.V.E. Model…

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  • Collaborate with other educators to identify, discuss, and solve real problems happening in your learning environment
  • Refine classroom structures that provide students with intellectual safety and sense of belonging
  • Practice relationship-building strategies that establish, maintain, and restore empathy, trust, and compassion among a community of learners
  • Design lessons that connect students to a great purpose for learning to increase engagement
  • Cultivate practical and powerful skills to respond to student behaviors
  • Refine procedures for reflection and feedback that increase academic performance


Some Wonderful Educators at CharacterStrong's In-Person National Conference 2018


School and District Leaders, Classroom Teachers, School Counselors, School Support staff…all are welcome.

A Small Group Activity at CharacterStrong's In-Person National Conference 2018


8:30am - S.E.R.V.E. Model Introduction
9:15am - “S” (Start): A warm welcome followed by a routine start
10:15am - “E” (Engage): Consistent practices to engage relationally
11:15am - Break for lunch
12:15pm - “R” (Respond): Empathetic tools to respond to people’s needs
1:00pm - “V” (Value): Strategies that clarify why our learning has value
1:45pm - “E” (Exit): A reflection to solidify learning and exit with action
2:15pm - Apply, strategize, and close
A Small Group Activity at CharacterStrong's In-Person National Conference 2018
A Large Group Activity at CharacterStrong's In-Person National Conference 2018

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